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April 1, 2013
Dressed Up And Ready to Go
April 6, 2013

When my young man graduated from his aby crib to his young man bed he discovered a few advantages…that’s if you didn’t get caught! Mommy is very strict about her little one’s bedtime and when Mommy tucks her aby in he is in bed for the night. Mommy would have to continually repeat herself “you’re a young man now and must follow young man’s rules however my abie was a naughty little one who never listened.

He also knew little ones should not be snooping in Mommy’s panty drawer yet my little guy could not help himself and dived head first into her silky panties. Finally my little guy found his favorite pair and couldn’t resist pulling off his freshly changed diaper and replaced it with the Mommy’s silky pink panties!

Naughty abie was so overcome with excitement he didn’t hear Mommy climbing the stairs until it was almost too late! The last thing my little guy counted on was Mommy coming to bed early. In his haste to get back to his bed he left his diaper in the middle of Mommy’s bedroom floor!

It’s just a matter of time!


Mommy Maggie


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