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April 4, 2013
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April 7, 2013
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Dressed Up And Ready to Go

What a happy little one I have when I put my ABDL in his little bonnet and frilly dress and we take a walk to the park.  I chose the yellow dress today and have the plastic pants to match.  I have so much fun dressing my little one up in his favorite sissy dress.  It makes me smile and I know that he is happy being who he wants to be. He is my sissy little baby boy all dressed up and ready to go out into the world with me, showing what a big boy he is to world. I think today we are going to just take you shopping and do girlie things. We can go out to eat and shop while you are all dressed up like my little sister or daughter. I know you would like that? Do you like doing girlie things with mommy? I see that others look at you when we walk into the store and I am happy to know that you are my little sissy. You have the paci  in your mouth that mommy gave you and when you suck on it the sound is so cute that it makes me giggle. I love to play dress up and this would be a great chance for you to play dress up too.  Call me and we can get you all dressed up and looking pretty with some bows in your hair and nice lacy little socks that look so nice with your little white patent leather shoes.




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