smothering and ass play
June 28, 2013
Peepee Paci
July 1, 2013

Someone just didn’t get the fact they couldn’t just come and go as they pleased they were to ask at all times if they could.But no they went on to work without one single word ah but i was waiting for him when he walked thru the front door what a nice big surprise it was also.He actually didn’t notice my truck out front which was funny oh the look on this slaves face was priceless.Especially when he noticed what i had in my hand then it must have dawned on him oops i am in deep trouble with my Mistress and that he was.

I never said a word to him because he knew the routine he laid his briefcase down and started to undress i watched not saying a word no smile or anything no emotions showing but i could tell he was worried very much so.When he finished he walked into the dining area of his home i looked in there and shook my head he knew bad ideal so back he comes and stands in front of me and bends over and that is when his punishment begin.Now maybe next time he will ask permission.Sometimes spanking isn’t enough for some that’s when you resort to other measures.



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