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February 7, 2014
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February 11, 2014
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Mommy’s Pumpkin



Let me tell you a story about Mommy and her Pumpkin.

During the week mommy decides to do an inspection followed with an interview with her loving Abie named, “Pumpkin.”  During the time of interview mommy will ask questions even pull down her Abies pants to inspect every single detail of her Abie wearing crinkly disposable diapers. Upon the interview I I questioned to my Abie

Mommy: So how does it feel to be in disposable diapers?

Pumpkin: It feels soft, crinkly but comfortable all at the same time.

Mommy: Is that so? What do you mean crinkly? Just a sec..  Let me pull down your pants to inspect every detail  pertaining your statement. ( As mommy inspects- She then ask her ABie to walk, then  she noticed a crinkly sound that the diaper made when her Abie was walking towards her.)

Mommy: Well then it does make that crinkly sound. How about begging mommy to use your diaper, maybe a number one or two?

Pumpkin: Mommy I really have to go, can I please go potty in my diaper? Mommy please I really have to go I can not hold it an longer.

Mommy: Alright since you begged, you may use it. Go ahead squat down and do a poopy diaper, so mommy can get you all cleaned up after you go.

Pumpkin: Mommy I’m squatting down- I have to do a poopy and pee pee. Mommy my diaper is getting really full.

Mommy: Alright are you done now? If so mommy just want to ask a few more questions, will that be alright pumpkin?

Pumpkin: Yes mommy.

Mommy: How does it feel to sit in a  poopy diaper?

Pumpkin: It feels good mommy, but can you change me?

Mommy: Well of course I can.

After mommy’s inspection, I then change my Pumpkin getting him all cleaned up and powdered fresh. I noticed an expression of hunger on his face. I then tell Pumpkin to latch on to mommy huge breast until his belly was full. As pumpkin was finishing mommy’s warm luscious milk. It was time to lay down for a nap with mommy. My sweet baby boy, you did so well for mommy ” I love you.”

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