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May 6, 2013
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May 12, 2013

Don’t hide in the corner my sweet!



Sweet, silly, sissy ABy! You can’t hide from Mommy!  Mommy always knows what her ABies are doing, even behind closed doors.

I heard the funny sounds coming from your room, so I decided I better peek in and make sure you were ok.  I had, after all, just laid you down for a nap, which you weren’t very happy about.  You were so busy squirming around and talking to yourself, that you didn’t hear Mommy open the door.  Oh what a sweet surprise I got when I did!  You had found your new baby doll that Mommy bought for you and decided that you’d put it on, instead of your jammies.  What a pretty sight you were, all covered in pink ruffled sweetness, with your hand rubbing your fresh new diapey.

But, you know the rules, and when Mommy says it’s nap time, then it’s nap time and there’s to be no excuses.  So, my boi, you can either take a nap like a good little sissy, or I can post the pictures that I took for all the world to see!

Sweet dreams, my ABy!  No pouting!


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