Post Labor Day Special!!
September 10, 2012
Basement Sissy Baby
September 13, 2012

Miss milf’s sexy summer started out with a big bang mommy crissy was in real need of a

dirty night and I certainly found it and then some.

I got invited to a late night beach party & wore my new hot swimsuit

for the ocassion got a lot of compliments on it too.

There was a big pool in the shape of a palm tree ,in that pool was alot of horny couples and they

were engaged in some heavy making out.Some guy whistled as I got in the pool he said ” Wow, your gorgeous

I would love to see what you look like naked and wet.

” I said ” Oh really, come over here.” I pulled the colar of my suit down revealing my big luscious tits.

He was so turned on he leaned down to take my hard nipple into his lips and curl it around on his tongue.

It felt utterly divine having him lap at my nipple like that,mmm I leaned back against the wall of the pool.

As I was in the throes of passion from this playful stranger I noticed several other men coming toward me

One of them started to pull my suit bottom down and his hands were up my thigh before I knew it… Oooh every

inch of me was on fire with lust. Let’s just say it was a night I would never forget.

Creamy Crissy



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