Under a phone mommy’s cover’s
November 11, 2013
Nurse Betty Takes Care of ABy Lacy
November 17, 2013

Are you looking for your Mommy? Mommy loves to change her sweet adult babies’ full pampers.  We can have bath time and I will sing you songs while you coo and clap your hands in delight….Mommy loves to breast feed and spoil her adult baby boys and sissy boy girls in every way.

Just imagine the scent of baby powder; the slick soft feeling of lotion on your skin; the warmth of my arms while I cradle you. You can tell me all about your day at school or work. This is a loving ABDL environment for you to experience the joys of a mommies love. I will happily lull you to sleep with my soothing maternal voice.


YIM: phonemommyscarlet@yahoo.com

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