February 3, 2013
Valentines Day
February 5, 2013

Gagged ABy

Lots of times I gotta make sure my ABies keep quiet for when I invite people over. There’s a time and a place for an ABy to speak, like when I tell them to haha! Now a lot of times, they’ll keep quiet if they’re usually well behaved. And then there’s other times, usually when they’re too scared, where they just can’t seem to shut their dumb little pie holes. They just can’t help themselves! Like, sometimes my girlfriends come over to have some fun teasing and playing with them. Other times I’ll have a boyfriend over, either to have some fun with me, or to use my little sissies hehehe. Anyway, I gotta keep em quiet, or else they cause too much trouble!

Of course, there’s all sortsa ways to get an ABy or sissy to shut up. But there’s two ways that always work for me. One is to scare them. A lot, hehehe. I don’t mean threaten em with a spanking, we’re talking about something a little more effective. All it takes is a little something extra, and they’ll be so scared, they couldn’t make a peep if they tried. Like, maybe, they might get something forcibly inserted somewhere – now I’m not saying what exactly here, but I think you get the idea!

Now the other way is absolutely fool proof. It helps if you have someone there with ya to give you a hand. One person gets a good old on the ABy, and the other just stuffs their mouth with something – anything really, pacifier, ball gag, anything that you think will get the job done. Then you just bind it in place with duct tape. Easy peasy!

Once you’ve got your ABy quiet and manageable, there’s allllll kindsa fun to be had, maybe I can show you…

xoxo Samantha

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