January 7, 2012
A special Phone a Mommy Thanks
January 14, 2012

As some of you know, I enjoy unusual and unique antiques/items (an antique potty chair and a Utica crib to name a couple), so naturally this little diddy peeked my interests.  Now, I know at first glance you might think it is some sort of Indian hookah (a smoker) but you would be incorrect – for this little gem is in fact an antique douching system.  And of course one does not have to limit oneself to only vaginal douching…oh noooo.  It would be quite acceptable for anal douching as well (enemas my little ones).  So if you find yourself snooping in my personal items and are perplexed as to its use, then be prepared for a hands-on demonstration as I give it a little squeeze.


Mommy Maggie

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