As You Just Sit And Play
September 10, 2010
Real ABDL Mommy For Baby
September 11, 2010


Are you a baby living in an adult body?  Do you wish there was a magical way to have your body in sync with your heart and mind?

I’m Mommy Stella, and I don’t have magical powers, but I do have 20 yrs of experience with adult babies and diaper lovers.  I was married to an Aby for 15 years and I’ve been a Phone a Mommy for the last 5.  Don’t be fooled by other sites who claim to be the real deal.

Call me and I’ll give you 5 free min to get to know me, and to set up details for the call.

This offer is only good with full price paid call

Mommy Stella

1 888 430-2010

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