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September 8, 2010
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As You Just Sit And Play

baby-grand-pianoThe piano player becomes one with the instrument and transforms into perfect self expression.

Black and White into one-
fingers touching;
your essence does come.

Sometimes so soft, a gentle hue;
sometimes harsh, aggressive..true.

Hands become the instrument;
and through this it shows-
You ARE the sounds you create
as they flow.

At your purest self-
you sit…you play.

Your thoughts flow through your music;
more than words could ever say.
Your mind becomes one-
with the music you conceive;
like the moon in the sky-
they coexist, they never leave.

Nothing else matters
as you lose yourself, and then-
come the self inflected walls;
as the music starts to end.

Like waking from a dream-
Like walking in the rain;
Like feeling lost within-
Like unearthing buried pain.

Until again, you’re one-
with what you do the best;
You’re never at true peace-
for you NEED to express.

I hear it in the touch;
I feel it in the sound-
I know it when I hear;
the music flowing round.

The air is full of life-
an energy unfolds;
for when you play your song-
your story becomes told.

Silent depths within your soul;
feelings words cannot convey-
revealed- unknown to you-

As you just sit and play.

© Ellen M. DuBois


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