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September 18, 2010
Lucky Me
September 19, 2010

Many, many of you have called me recently, and for that I say thank you.  Out of those who call me there seems to be a similarity to all your calls.  You want to be forced to be a sissy.  Now this is one my all time favorite things to do to someone.  I do not yell, I do not scream, but do I get stern and domineering?  Most definitely!  You will be lucky to get a word in edge wise, I am Southern after all and us southern women can talk like you would not believe lol.   And just think how pretty you will look after I get you all sissied out!  And YES you will have to go out into public like that.  I don’t care if it embarrasses you are not, what you want doesn’t really matter at this point.  Does it?


Mommy Liz


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