Diapered by Sister
October 5, 2011
Too Much Milk
October 8, 2011

The other day I found my little one rummaging through my panty draw, fondling my delicates, holding them up to himself, prancing about – not just like a little sissy, but as a sissy slut.  So I decided if he wants to be a little sissy slut, then I will help him in his endeavors.


I dressed him up in the slinkiest little outfit, put a blonde wig with lots of cascading curls on his head, did his makeup and nails, and put the sexiest heels on him. Then I placed a few calls to some of my male friends and asked if they would be interested in renting a sissy slut to do with what they please.


Naturally they were more then enthusiastic and came right over!  Well let me tell you, they had such delicious fun with my little sissy slut, one right after another, over and over and over again!


And when all my friends were done “renting” my little slut, she found herself used and filled to the brim, barely able to walk, hehe.  I informed her that she will have to get used to it, for I have already gotten lots of requests to rent her, and of course I told them yes!


So, who’s up to being rented out next?


Mommy Maggy

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