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Fifty Shades of Spankings: Ni-Nite Spankings

The other night our resident Baby Cammie was up past his bedtime…again.  His excuse this time?  He just couldn’t get to sleep.  Well of course I told him I had the solution to his dilemma – a ni-nite spanking; one that would quiet his mind and relax him enough to drift off to sleep.

I had gone on to explain to our little Cammie the different types of spankings – how the subtle nuances of each kind fulfill a different need; in essence, the fifty shades of spankings.

One of these shades is what I categorize as the ni-nite spankings: hard enough to get my little one’s attention, pulling his focus to the here and now and drawing his thoughts away from the day’s activities that are keeping him awake.  These are done in clusters – several not-too-gentle swats done in quick succession followed by a brief break.  During such pauses, I like to soothe the spanked area, running my hand gently around both cheeks, talking to him quietly, letting him concentrate on the sound of my voice.  Then, without warning, I start another cluster of over-the-knee spankings, startling him once again, pulling his focus to me and away from all other distractions.

This can go on for several cycles, depending on the severity of the insomnia that is plaguing my little one.  You see, there is a release of tensions and stresses during the process that allows my little guy to relax, oddly satiated, and finally able to find the slumber that has been eluding him prior to these spankings.

In time, I hope to share with all of you the fifty shades of spankings I have come to know.




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