Mean AB Mommy Lexus
April 18, 2012
Phone a Mommy ~ Twisters
April 20, 2012

Mommy Crissy is a fantasy fetish mommy.
She just loves to take you on an adventure,she can be your princess that likes to be perverted and creative.
She can be your saucy slave babe that you want to watch get nasty with another sex slave with
long legs and big breasts.

She can be the really horny girl next door that would love to give you a wicked good blowjob the one
you like to watch undress at night through the open window that looks into her bedroom at just the right time.
She can be the busty teacher you really wanted to sleep with when you were in high school but never had the balls to approach til now.

She can also be the girl you crushed after that you only saw holding hands with a very handsome football player from a far.
She would love to be a mommy who likes to put you in your place with stern words and maybe some fun games that only she really knows the rules to.

She could be a slutty stripperella that has the most beautiful body you have ever seen but only lusts after a guy who will
take her away from her dead end life.

She could be your wife your girlfriend your foxy aunt that likes to take pics of your most favorite body parts of hers and
likes you to explore each others wonderland for as longa s you want.
She can breathe life into all the fetishized fantasies you can ever imagine.
Mommy can handle anything you can throw at her.

So come on handle mommy.

yim: phonemommycrissy
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