Fall is here and this sexy mommy loves it
October 18, 2014
Halloween Trick or Treat Phone Sex
October 25, 2014
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Fall fun with Ava


Summer is just about over for all these hot phone sex moms, including myself! No more wearing cute summer outfits or dressing you up in cute sundresses. Nope along with a new season comes a whole new style. Mommy Ava is going to have to go out and buy you all sorts of comfortable clothing. You can’t wear dresses when its cold outside now can you? No, that would be silly. So get up and get ready. We’re going to go take care of that right now. I’m sure theres a cute abi clothes store somewhere that’s calling our names. We have to make sure to get you something warm. I know we definatley need to get you some gloves and a scarf and maybe even a beanie. Oh well, we’ll see when we get there. Mommy Ava knows how to dress you up just right for abdl phone sex.




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