Don’t Forget
August 31, 2010
September 1, 2010


Drag Queens set a wonderful example for feminization.  I love how they step out of their comfort zone to be who they are. It is a lesson that serves all you little sissies well. If you’re looking for some feminization, as we here at phone a mommy love giving lessons make sure you take the steps in guaranteeing they are fulfilled to the hilt, by following the example of the Drag Queen.  Spice it up, go out and buy those wigs, the make-up, brazen outfits, stockings, and stilettos the whole nine yards, and dont forget your toys! This is what role play is really about, getting the most out of your call by really getting into the role as opposed to just fantasizing. Time to go shopping Girls!!!!  Then be sure to Call for some  Fun!

Mizz Rebecca


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