Sissy Maid
May 21, 2012
Diaper Lover Discovered: The Confrontation (Pt II)
May 23, 2012

Diapers you love sometimes i have to put you in really thick ones at night for mommy Sara when she drops you off at my house to stay the night.The reason i have to put you in these really thick diapers as you know is because you wet thru the simple single diapers.And mommy Rebecca warned me ahead of time to make sure you were in good thick diapers before i put you to bed at night or else i would be replacing my mattress and i don’t need that all.

And we know you have school tomm so that Teacher Ava can teach you all those naughty things she teaches young ones.Oh yes i have heard the stories about her ways of teaching but however she does it and it gets you young ones to like and enjoy school and learn the things that are necessary that is all that matters.



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