October 20, 2011
Happy Halloween!
October 25, 2011
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Desperation Punishment for your Halloween Treat!


Johnny has been a very bad abdl in class, I hear him as he wiggles in his seat trying so desperately not to have an accident. He loves the feel of his bladder so full that he will hold it till the very last minute. I cant have this type of disruption in my class, everyone watching him closely, teasing him as his face becomes palish shade of red. The whole class is on to his little fetish. He will gulp the water at the water fountain every chance he gets. So I decided to have some fun with him. Each student was to bring to class something to drink. We had a table full of sodas, koolaid, fruit punch, minute maid the list was endless. When Johnny arrived he noticed the drinks on the table and thought we might be having a party. He was somewhat correct *chuckles* little did he know he would be talk of the party!

Mizz Rebecca
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