Little Stinkers
July 19, 2014
switching fantasy
July 21, 2014
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Cuckold Sissy

Your abdl mommy Ava caught you today didn’t she? Aww you don’t want to talk about it do you?  Embarrassed are we? Too bad! You never got to be properly punished. So let’s see.. I caught you in my room going through my dresser, which would have been one thing but NO. There was my son wearing one of my favorite dresses. Smelling of Chanel and Lancome blush smeared on his cheeks. How many times does Mommy have to tell you not to play with my things? Little boys don’t wear dresses and make up. Well not unless he’s a sissy. Does my boy want to be a little girl? Is that it?  Because I can arrange for that to happen. I’ll have you in my panties and a dress 24/7. I’ll even make sure to dress you up real pretty when I take you with me to run errands at the grocery store and mall.  Won’t that be so much fun, going shopping for pretty things with my new sissy baby?



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