February 12, 2012
AB/DL Sissy Relationship
February 14, 2012
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Bed Wetter Abie

So this past weekend I was abie sitting for one of my favorite “sit-ees”. From what his Mommy told me, he was having issues with wetting the bed recently, and she had no clue what to do! Well, you all know how very excited this made me! As soon as his mommy left I called him downstairs. Next to me, I had my bag of tricks from the gig before. Once he was in front of me, I asked him how he has been behaving since I last was there. He immediatly got flush in the face, “I have been good”. Little did he know the surprise I had in store for him! I told him that his mommy had told me about his bed wetting issue. I told him that to avoid any issues while I’m watching him, he was going to be put in diapers. HAHAHA if you could see the embarrassment on my abdl friends face while he sat in the corner in his white disposable diaper! When his mommy came home that night and saw what I had done, she complimented me on my quick thinking and even suggested him wearing diapers all the time!

Your Loving Abie-sitter,




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