Crissy Takes It To The Extreme
July 4, 2017
Hot Steamy Bath With Abdl Mommy
July 10, 2017

Aww why don’t we take down this very full adult diaper and slide it on me or how about we wear it together? Mmmm I wanna use the same diaper as you at the same time let’s try it hehe ok so I am going to slide my legs in  mmm it feels nice and comfy now doesn’t it? Now I have an even better Idea Why don’t you slide in your super hard pee-pee right into my wet pussy! But what If I have to pee? Well I know you can urinate inside of me so I can feel it running out and into our already soaked diaper! I love having some smokin hot diaper sex what about you! There is nothing better then fucking in a urine soaked diaper and even better it will be going over head very soon hehe! MMM I start sliding a little faster! Call me for some  Fetish phone sex!!



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