Playing Dress Up
September 12, 2013
Diaper Change
September 19, 2013

My ab diaper daddy like’s to shrink me first before he takes care of me.

He take’s his special drink he made for me and put’s it in my bottle I suck it down quick cause daddy

does not like to wait for me. After I drink it all I start to feel real strange like my arm’s and leg’s are getting

smaller and smaller. Poof, I am a little baby girl now and daddy cradle’s me in his arm’s and nuzzle’s me cheek

he even give’s me special tickle time when mommy Eliza is not around cause if she ever saw daddy tickle me

down there with his tongue mommy might get a little jelly-ous. Daddy say’s I taste like strawberries and cream

and he know’s real well he has kissed me all over. When he changed  my diaper last night I was not very good I kept wriggling in excitement of our new game and I kicked him in his magic wand. Daddy stopped real fast and took me off the changing table he layed me down on the big bed and tickled me for a long time making my leg’s

quiver then he turned me over and spanked me while he tickled me with his magic wand down there and he grabbed

me by the nipple’s and I made happy noises, see he did finish changing me and he say’s I can not wear a top when I get my diaper time cause

he like’s it better that way.  M diaper daddy think’s of everything before we play! heheheh




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