XXX (antioxidants) + phonesex= Does a Body Good!
November 17, 2011
Thermometers Don’t Hurt
November 19, 2011

A mother’s lips are a curious thing – they have the ability to do so many things.

They have the power to make an abies heart soar with joy as the ends curl into a warm smile, warming babies heart as well;

They can show love as they brush against ones cheek with a soft gentle kiss;

they can show concern for an aby feeling all icky, as they press against their forehead checking for a fever;

They have the ability to “make-it-all-better” as they kiss the pain of a boo-boo away;

They can be playful as they blow motorboats on aby’s belly, making them giggle with delight.

They can even show a naughtier side as they wrap themselves around an abie’s little weewee that grows with her special touch.

Yes, they have the power to praise and chastise, reward and punish, as they form the words that can unleash both affection and wrath onto the recipient.


So what do Mommy’s lips have in store for you?



Mommy Maggie


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