Nanny Ella is waiting in her ABDL Nursery!
November 20, 2015
Dommy Mommy Phone Sex
March 13, 2016


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So you need to know the truth about the wonders of not shaving your bush! Do you fantasize about having a hairy pussy sit on your face? A natural slick bush, a long hairy pussy. Well if that is you…. you need me for some hairy pussy phone sex. Even though most girls shave their pussy now adays, not me! I have a very hairy pussy, like my Mom and all of my sisters. I’m a redhead and my pussy looks like its on fire so the drapes definitely match the carpet.  It’s just a drag to have to shave all the time so why not be all natural and get that womanly scent! I love to have an older man bury his face in my pussy and play with my hair. Hmm just smell that beautiful aroma found deep in my MILF bush.  MILF phone sex is the best!



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