Bad Boys Wear Diapers
April 16, 2011
The Easter Bunny
April 18, 2011

I am such a Daddy’s Girl and I never ever wanna grow up. I just want to lie around like a baby in my diaper waiting for my Daddy to change my poopy bottom and feed me. I love being an adult baby girl and I get so hungry for something to suck on that I’ll put everything and anything in my mouth, that’s why Daddy has to put me in my playpen or crib all the time. That doesn’t stop me from crying for something to suck on like my binki or baby bottle but my favorite thing to suck on is my Daddy’s binki and it’s full of milk just for me!!! Wont you be my Daddy and let me suck on your big binki?

Baby Betsy Boo

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