Thanksgiving Is a Moment to Remember
November 8, 2010
We Salute You
November 11, 2010

I had a naughty little boy today who I had to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood . You know the little red frilly dress with red ribbons, red velvet cape, brown curly wig, little white lace stockings, and black patent leather shoes, with the little red ruffle rubber pants to cover his little diaper. He was so naughty and decided to play with the big bad wolf instead of going to grandma’s house so I spanked his little bottom with a wooden paddle that had wholes drilled in it. His little bottom was a beautiful warm cherry red and just a slight touch of the paddle or my hand on his bare skin made him whimper. I then put him is in diaper and made him sit in the corner with her binky and thumb in his mouth to stop him from crying for the spanking that was just given.

Have you been naughty? Do I need to put you in a diaper? Does my naughty boy wish to be a sissy girl?


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