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December 15, 2012
December 16, 2012

adult baby phone sex


Come here ABie boy. Let Mommy take all your cares away. I will take you back to a much simpler time in life. One where you have no cares, no worries, just tender love and care. Mommy will clean you up with a nice warm bath. Washing away all worry, all responsibilities. Then I will wrap you in a warm towel and off to the nursery we go.

We we walk through the door, you in my arms, you will start to feel smaller, more helpless. I will lay you down on the changing table, as you look up, Mommy will seem a bit bigger than she did a moment ago. Is your mind playing tricks on you? I will start the process of powdering and diapering you. Applying baby lotion as well to keep your skin soft. When you smell the baby lotion and baby powder, you start to feel babyish. As if you just cannot even think like an adult any longer.

Mommy will dress you in a onsie, lift you up off the able with ease and cradle you in her arms. You fit there nicely now. As you look up into Mommy’s eyes, you realize you have been transformed, regressed. Taken back to a time when you were just an (adult) infant in mommy’s arms again.

Mommy can do all this with just a phone call. It’s true, mommy can guide you through a regression session and take you back to any age you wish to be. The sights, the sounds, the smells…the feeling of looking up into Mommy’s face and being loved.

Mommy Josie


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