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June 30, 2011
Baby, you’re a firework!
July 3, 2011
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Virgin Sissy Bride

Isn’t she Lovely, Oh isn’t she Beautiful.
Why of course my little Miss Krissy makes the perfect Virgin Sissy Bride. I felt so incredibly lucky being the one to give her away. Right at the truck stop, me in my sexy leather Corset, Skirt and Knee high Boots, Krissy in her pretty White Virgin Brides Dress, all giddy and excited between the legs *giggles*. I walk her up to and turn her over to a Tall, Strong and Powerful Man. Why even I was impressed. He had no junk in his trunk, oh no, it was all Prime Grade A, Rich, Thick, and Hard Beef. Virgin Bride Krissy could feel her clitty begin to throb as he took hold of her. My Virgin Sissy Bride was soon to have the time of her life. She would soon be made to feel like the sissy she has always longed to be. Made to engage like a Virgin Bride should on her special night!

Mommy Sara
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