Ballerina Sissy Baby
February 5, 2018
Crissy’s Sissy Fag
February 10, 2018

Valentines day is a couple days away isn’t it? What are all my fetish phone sex lovers going to be doing this valentines day? With all the romance that follows this holiday it’s only natural that lots of lovers are planning on getting very kinky don’t you think? Are you more of a roses and chocolate kind of guy? Well i’ll tell you what. Forget the roses and keep the chocolate. I can melt it before I tie you up and pour it all over your naked body. You’ll be my tasty little treat this valentines day. I know exactly what to do with a kinky love struck fool like you. I’m going to get everything and anything out of you this holiday because it’s your job to please me, got it? You’re my no limits phone sex slave!
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