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August 19, 2011
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August 22, 2011
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The Start of a New Home-School Year

It’s almost the end of August and my older little toddlers know exactly what that means, SCHOOL!  That’s right, another year of drudgery is about to begin, but I have a surprise for you.  Instead of being plastered in some stuffy, overcrowded, uncaring classroom, my little ones are going to be taught right here at home.  I can hear your little disposable diapers crinkling with joy as you rock back and forth in excitement.  No longer will you be forced to stare at some aged bag of bones, trying to teach you your ABC’s.  Rather than that, you’re going to have a vivacious, alluring, not to mention nurturing teacher.  Can any of you possibly guess who I might possibly be talking about?

Undoubtedly, my smart little ones all knew that I was talking about myself.  Just imagine, I can be coddling you as I’m teaching you arithmetic.  Not to mention that recess can be used for playing with toys, or if you’re especially good, me!  Honestly, doesn’t that sound so much better than being surrounded by a group of needy, whiny, self centered school officials?  Each and every week I am going to come up with a new lesson and if you do an especially good job, there might be a little bit of breastfeeding as a reward.

Now remember, school starts next week so I want all of you to start going to bed a little bit earlier so that each and every day you can give me your all, in more ways than one.  As always, kisses and love from me to you.

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