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January 5, 2011
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January 9, 2011
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The Perfect ABDL Mommy


Are you looking for that special abdl Mommy? Do you need a sweet and loving Mommy to share all of your secret diapered adult baby  fantasies?  If you’re an adult baby and or a diaper lover (AB/DL), I’m the Mommy who understands your special baby needs and would love to  nurture and take care of all your baby dreams.  Diapering your bottom and keeping it powdered 24 7 is what I do best.  Along with midnight feedings and afternoon naps, bath time bedtime and everything in between.  No matter what baby needs, from a warm bottle to checking your temp the old fashioned way I’m the perfect Mommy for YOU!

Mommy Candy

1 888 430-2010

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