A Lesson in Sissy Squealing!
June 11, 2011
The Dusky Duck
June 13, 2011
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The babysitter


Mommy Crissy got home late tonight.  You were already tucked in for bed, smiling sweetly in your footed pajamas as you hugged your fuzzy teddy bear.  The sitter was asleep too: curled up on the couch with her favorite book still sitting open in her lap.

I sat down quietly in my favorite chair and a smile came over my face as I saw how beautiful she was while she slept.  As I watched her, I slowly took off my shoes, then my hands  moved up to my blouse and I slowly unbuttoned the top button, stroking my neck and breasts.  I just couldn’t look away from the beautiful babysitter as I licked my lips and my pussy started to get wet.

I started to touch myself a little more, running my hands over my silky soft skin and moaning softly with desire, when she suddenly opened her eyes and saw me.  I quickly stood up and smiled, hoping she wouldn’t freak out.

“Oh, I’ve had such a long day,” I sighed.  “I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine.  Would you like one too?” I hoped she would say yes.

“Ummm, I really shouldn’t,” she said.

“It’s OK,” I assured her.  “I won’t tell your parents.  Just one glass, then I’ll drive you home.”

As we drank our wine, the sitter chatted about how she was excited about going off to college in the fall, but she was nervous about college guys.  She was afraid they would be so much more experienced than she was.

She seemed oblivious to how sexy she was; up to this point she was just a bookworm who focused more on her studies than the high school dating scene. She was such a good girl!

I told her she wouldn’t have any problem finding dates.  I was a college student once myself, and I felt the same way when I first started out.  All she needed was some experience to get her confidence up.

“Well,” I told her with a seductive smile, “I can definitely help you with that.  I’ve got a few lessons of my own to teach you, and if you’re a good student, I might just give you an ‘A’!”

I took off my blouse, slipped off my skirt, and proceeded to give her lessons in advanced anatomy, French (kissing), and natural chemistry.  I could tell she was really enjoying the tutorials.

I was in the middle of teaching her about geometry — with our two bodies bisecting each other — when I looked over and saw my cute little abdl peering in from the hallway.

Well, it looks like someone else learned a few things in today’s lesson!  I bet you’d like a chance  to earn an “A” — or two!  Would you like to participate in class, or just sit and observe as you play with yourself under your adult diaper?

Call 1*888*430*2010
and mention that you’d like a 3-way with Mommy Crissy and your favorite sitter, and we’ll give you a very exciting lesson!

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