Thanksgiving Thoughts
November 19, 2010
Thankgiving Treats
November 20, 2010


There’s something about sitting around the thanksgiving table with good food and good people and good conversation; a time to gather and share and laugh and feast on such wonderful food; a time to eat too much and drink too much and get too loud; a time for uncle George to unbutton his pants and tell the kids to pull his finger; a time for aunt Gertrude to criticize how cousin Sally wears her hair and does her make up and cooked the sweet potatoes this year. A time for arguments to break out over which team is going to win the game this year, which always ends in someone or something getting smashed. Ahh yes, there is just something about the time honored traditions of Thanksgiving…hmmm, maybe I’ll stay home this year and forgo the holiday tradition, lol!

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with all your holiday Traditions!


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