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March 9, 2013
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March 11, 2013

princess cali

Know the best way to get what ya want? Tantrums!!! Hehehe, whenever I want something and daddy doesn’t wanna let me have it, I just throw myself a little tantrum and its not too long before I get exactly what I want!!

Usually it happens when we go shopping. See, before we go anywhere Daddy always tells me that I’m only allowed one thing, or sometimes he’ll say I can’t even get anything!! Its so unfair! But don’t worry hehe… I always end up getting whatever I want! When we went to the store today, Daddy said that I wasn’t allowed to get nothin’ cause I was naughty yesterday (more on that later hehe). Well when we got to the store we walked by all the pretty makeups and I saw the prettiest most sparkliest pink lipgloss!! As soon as I saw it I ran and grabbed it and Daddy tried to shut me down right away. At first he tried to make me put it back, but then he just quit and said he didn’t care if I carried it around the whole store, there was no way he was gonna buy it! Well when he was all done getting everything and we were at the checkout counter Daddy told me to put the lipgloss down. “NO!” I said and tried to hand to the cashier. “Cali, you put it down right now, you’re not getting anything today,” Daddy said. “NOO!!” I yelled and stomped my foot. See that’s how ya start. Nice and easy, and then before Daddy knows whats coming it’s a full on meltdown! He tried to pull it out of my hand and that’s when I really turned it on! I threw myself down on the floor and started screaming and kicking my feet. “No no no no no!!!! I want it! Daddyyyyyyyy I want the pretty glossy!!!!!!!!” Then I started crying hehehe, big fat crocodile tears.

Guess what happened. I got my lipgloss, that’s what! HA! Tantrums are the best way to get whatever you want with daddies. Just don’t try that with Mommy Lexus… oh no, uh-uh. I tried it one time, and I couldn’t sit down for a looooong time. She really doesn’t like tantrums

kissies, Cali



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