Bedtime For Aby
May 4, 2013
Many tastes of a dommy mommy
May 6, 2013

abdl mommy

I was a wittle bit sick this week. I just didn’t feel good at all! Daddy was busy getting ready for our trip, so my T-girl Mommy took care of me most of the week. She kept me tucked in my big comfy princess bed and came in every hour to check on me. After a couple of days of not feeling better she said she was gonna have to give me some medicine.

First she gave me a warm bubble bath. She used my very favorite bubble bath that smells like vanilla and sugar. Once I was all clean and soft she said it was time for my medicine. T-Mommy put me up on my changing table and told me to relax so that the medicine would go in easily. She rubbed my tummy while she used Vaseline to get my bottom ready for the medicine. When I saw how big the suppositories were I got kinda nervous, but T-Mommy calmed me down and I relaxed my bottom so she could slide them in.

Guess what?! It wasn’t bad at all!! It almost felt like when me and Daddy play games hehehe! And after the medicine was in, my tranny Mommy gave me a special present for being a good girl! She gave me the prettiest, most sparkliest toy to put in my bottom when I felt all better. She turned around and pulled up her dress and showed me the one she had in her bottom! I’m so excited to have matching toys with Mommy!

Love, Lacy



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