Spanking Roleplay
July 16, 2011
Your diaper is stinky. Chinchilla disapproves.
July 17, 2011

Who’s a messy AB?! As I come close to you I smell stinkies! Lots and lots of it. I can also see your heavy on the bottom, you wet yourself messy aby! Come over here with mommy and hop up on the changing table, it’s time for mommy Lexy to do a peek-a-boo in your big ol’ diaper to see what we have! I want you roll over on your side and let mommy open those diaper straps and reveal the big messies! A-ha! Just as mommy suspected and it’s really, really messy!! Mommy has to take a big wet wipe and let my hand run up and down your messy bumsie…I have to make sure I clean everything and I don’t want to miss a spot! When your nice and clean mommy will rub lotion all over you and then I’m going try some plastic pants on you. They will feel really good mommy promises! Mommy has some really cute colors for you big baby boy, but I pick pink because it will go perfect with the color of your cute little tooshie! hee hee.

Call Mommy Lexus (Lexy)

Mommy Lexus’ Specialties:
Strict Mommy – Discipline – Dirty abies – Obedience Training

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