March 25, 2014

Playtime Fun

You want to know what I love most about adult baby phone sex. Sure the thought of babying a man is hot, but I just love to make you cum in your diaper. The crinkling sound it makes, as my hand strokes you to life. How filled up and soggy it gets right after you pee in it for me. Everything about it just drives me wild. Sometimes I put a diaper on for you and let you watch me touch myself in it. I know how worked up it gets you. I want you to blow your load in your diaper for me. I keep stroking you faster and faster. I feel your hips push up as you get closer to climaxing. Here it comes, the part I love best. OMG look at all that cum. I lick it off of your stomach and slide your diaper off, discarding it and bringing out a fresh one, sliding it under your butt, taping the sides. Well now you have me all hot and bothered. It would only be fair that you cal me for the best diaper lover phone sex ever!  Ava 888*430*2010
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