August 30, 2012

Private phoneparty with mommy

I had a private phone party with a very horny friend last night. We were  in the kitchen first then we ended the night in the nursery, where he ate mommy’s cake I made special for his party was chocolate with white icing. My diapered phone pal licked that icing off of My big wooden spoon and asked for mommy to lick off his diapered peepee, mmmm I made sure that I got it all and gave him little kisses up his weewee all the way to the top. My,My did my diaper lover get all hot and bothered when I took off my party hat but he sure blew his top when I pulled my special gift ribbon.  He looked awfully hungry for mommy milk after all that fun with mommy’s cake.  So I pulled him close to my round breast engorged with yummy mommy milk and he suckled for a good 10 min. He worked up a very heavy hunger for his Hot and naughty mommy in the kitchen. All my love fellow partiers! Mommy Crissy 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402
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