November 26, 2011

The Importance of Sharing an ABDL Bedtime Story With Mommy or Daddy

A Short History On The Origin of Storytelling Storytelling dates back to when Cavemen were on this Earth, that alone should tell you how important it is to spend time with your Mommy or Daddy and have your very own ABDL bedtime story time.  During this era in history they would decorate their cave walls with pictures depicting hunts, births, important seasonal activities, and festive occasions.  This was a means to pass down not only a story, but to make sure these important events where not forgotten.  It was a way to pass along Historical Events.  This is seen further in the use of pictures on walls to tell a story in different cultures; ie…Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Mayan Temples, Viking Rune Stones, Tapestries in Castles; only to name a few.  Again, this was all a way to convey important events that took place so that generations to come would be able to hear stories of their ancestors exploits. Storytelling In Today’s Society Since the invention of the written word, we no longer need to draw on cave walls to tell a story that will be passed on.  Although I am sure there are some of you who get naughty sometimes and use crayons to draw on walls, much to your Mommy’s dismay. There are many genre’s of storytelling used in today’s society.  Whether it be news, books, comics or any other way that you can think of to tell a story to someone. My Favorite Form of Storytelling Out of all the ways you can tell a story my very favorite way is to tell a special AB, DL, Sissy, LG or LB a bedtime story. This is a very special time between you and I.  You lay in my arms, or sit on my lap, or I lay down on the bed next to you.  We both snuggle up and I begin the story and as this time goes by you press yourself against me harder as my hand either runs up and down your back. or I pat your bottom as we both hear the words and are transported to another world.  This is a soft, slow and intimate time, my soft voice caressing your ears, as your eyes start to get sleepy.  All in all it’s a complete bonding experience.  Where you feel safe and secure and I get to help my lil one find some peace to rest happily through the night.  Now I know things are hard for everyone, especially with the holidays, and having the funds to call might be little to none.  So I am offering you the following.  For a one time payment (and this will have to be worked out between the two of us) I will make an audio for you, so you can hear me tell you your very own ABDL Bedtime Story night after night, that way Mommy’s voice will only be a MP3 away to comfort and lull you to sleep. Mommy Lauren 888*430*2010  
January 30, 2010

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight aby’s everywhere! I just love to read Goodnight Moon to all my lil ones, especially abie Benny; after all it is his favorite beddybye story. This is for you Sweet Ben, on those nights when you can’t find me to read to you I want you to watch and listen to this video and doze off to dreamland. Goodnight abie Ben. Mommy Candy 1 888 430-2010
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