Past Holiday Weekend
June 5, 2010
Every House Needs A Adult Baby
June 6, 2010

I went to a baby shower on Friday and this poem was printed on the napkins. *laughs* What a place to put a poem such as this. Shows the type of humor my friend has. On a side note she looks like a ripe watermelon. I just had to share this with all of you.

Love you Much,
Mommy Sue

I wish I was a foetus
I never would be bored
Sitting in my uterus
Swinging on my cord.

To worry obstetricians
I’d be a proper beast
I’d change position on the hour
Transverse, oblique then breech.

To student midwives I’d present
A mystifying case
I’d hide myself inside the os
And leave an empty space.

I’d tie my cord into a knot
And wave it through the cervix
I’d give the midwives such a shock
And laugh off all my vernix.

And when my membranes rupture
I’d be a right old pest
Presenting large diameters
I’d transversely arrest.

I’d tell my pal placenta
To get himself detached
To theatre then the lot of us
Would pronto be dispatched.

And when they start to caesar
I’d laugh and think “Tee hee!’
When no-one else is looking
I’ll come vaginally.

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