Oink Oink
July 6, 2010
Sissy Alert
July 10, 2010

baby josh good night

I just had the best call with my little Adult baby Joshie AKA Potty Pants.  Mommy Ava’s friends dropped by right in the middle of nursing abie Josh, and it’s a good thing because it wasn’t long before adult baby made a big messy in his diaper.  Mommy’s friends pinched their noses and giggled as they watched me change Joshie’s diaper.  After Mommy’s friends leave, its just Mommy and abie getting ready for bedtime, rocking abie Joshie to sleep in my arms, rubbing his back and patting his sweet little bottom.  Mommy stole lots of kisses before she gently put abie in his crib.  “Good Night sweet Joshie, goodnight”.

Mommy Ava


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