ABDL Treats Yummy
May 21, 2010
Plastic Wrap
May 22, 2010

Treats are a good thing. Especially on a hot hot day. I remember when I was little my Mom would make her own ice pops. And man they sucked. My Mom didn’t believe in the use of sugar, or flavor actually, everything tasted the same, and her ice pops? Tasted like ice cubes that just happened to be in various colors. Now my dad on the other hand, his stuff was magical. It had FLAVOR! He would make these incredible yogurt and fruit pops every year for the Fourth of July. We had to wait a whole year to get a decent snack, it was something we would look forward to. It was like Christmas. Since I have become an adult and have learned that it’s actually okay for your food to taste a lot better then newspaper, I make my own snacks for hot days. No matter how many times I make them and enjoy them, I always think back to my Mom and her frozen ice blob pops.


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