true sissy friendship
March 29, 2011
Sissy baby in diapers
March 29, 2011

cookiesSomeone came home from school while mommy was in the shower, and guess what happened? Some of the fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies were missing, 5 to be exact. I have told you so many times before to not take things without asking, that’s a big no no! We don’t do things like that because mommy gets upset and then she has to punish her naughty little boy for doing something mommy said not to do! The last time you did something like that, mommy had to spank your bare bottom until it was all red and your little tushy would sting every time you sat down. That was a big ouchie…remember!? Mommy Lexus has to give you spankings  when your naughty because she is trying to teach you to be a sweet and wonderful big guy one day! I just do it because I am just trying to teach you right from wrong, and I think after this time you will surely not disappoint mommy like that again! Will you? Mommy Lexus ALWAYS disciplines her naughty little ones to teach them right from wrong! Next thing you know your going to have an accident in your diaper and then mommy is going to be really upset!  [superemotions file=”icon_biggrin.gif” title=”Big Grin”]

Dommy Mommy Lexus


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