Happy St.Patty’s day ab’s
March 18, 2013
An Easter Outfit for my Adult Baby
March 22, 2013

I’m so excited that spring is right around the corner. I love this time of year because I can take my ABDL out for walks in the park. Feeling the soft grass when we lay down on it or just walk around barefoot, it makes me happy. When we are done in the park I’m eager to get back home and do a change on my darling baby boy. Baby will get whatever he wants if he is good. But if he is bad, then mommy will have to spank him and put him in the corner. Mommy Robin doesn’t like to have to punish her baby boy but you must learn your lesson and make mommy happy. If you really want to be a good boy you will sit on mommy’s lap and let her read you stories. I love to read to you your favorite stories, so just tell Mommy Robin what you want to hear and I’ll read it while we cuddle. When you get tired and those little eyes start to droop I’ll start to sing you a lullaby and put you in your crib so you can drift off to Slumber Land. Seeing you in your diaper and night shirt is the best part of my day. Knowing that you are sound to sleep and happy is what every mommy wants. If you feel that need to be the naughty or nice baby with a mommy that will treat you the way you want, call me so we can have some fun.



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