April 18, 2010
Sissy baby phone sex
April 20, 2010
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Special aby needs abmommy


I have been a very good adultbaby for the sitter all day. But about the time you come to pick me up I have become a little tired and cranky. I greet you with a big hug and kisses but I start fidgeting and you have a hard time talking to the sitter and I can see you starting to get tired of my little act. Come on ABMommy lets go home and I will behave for you I promise. You pick up my diaper bag and strap me in my seat for the short ride home and I hope you see in my face the joy of being with you. You make dinner and feed me put me in the bath and change me and read me my favorite story as you tuck me into bed. I would love to say thank you for being the most special mommy any abie could ever ask for.




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