Love your diaperchange
April 28, 2014
May 6, 2014

Tell me, have you been a good boy today? I hope you have because I’m here to look after you tonight, and I expect you to be on your best behavior and do everything I tell you. Now things might get a little rough but you still have to listen to me, understand?

Now be a good boy and put on your pjs. We are going to have a little playtime before bed. You love playing with a hot Nanny like me don’t you?

Well, I see that your butt cheeks aren’t red at all are they? That means my previous marks have faded and it’s time for a new spanking session.  You know I love to make you pull those pajama pants down and bend over while I give you a good, hard spanking. After all, no matter what you may say, I know that you’ve been a naughty boy.

Of course, while I’m spanking you, I might decide to play with that cute bottom of yours for a while. I do love feeling you squirm as I stick my fingers up your tight little hiney. And unbeknownst to you, I’ve brought along some toys for our playtime tonight.

First however, I want to tease you a bit. So I pull up your pajama bottoms and tuck you into bed, all ready to read you a story. And as I do, you feel my hand slide underneath the covers and tug on that peepee of yours. As I slowly read the book, you can barely contain yourself. I am stroking your widdle weewee fast and hard one minute, then light and slow the next. You are being brought to the edge over and over and yet I refuse to let you have you little squirties, my voice never changing as I continue on with the story.

Now that I have you all worked up, you’re willing to do anything I want. This of course, is exactly the way I like it.  I excuse myself for a moment and get my bag of toys, telling you to take those pajama pants off. You do as you are told although I can tell that you are nervous.

Your eyes widen as I pull out some lube and a very large dildo. I pull off my skirt to reveal a leather harness underneath. Yes, I came prepared.

Yes, I think it’s time for some strap on play before I tuck you in. I love to fuck boys like you and as you lie face down I can’t help but get excited at the thought of reaming that pucker hole of yours. I lube you up and shove that dildo right up your primed bottom – foreplay be damned!

I piston into you over and over; hard, unrelenting, pushing your endurance beyond anything you ever thought possible. You moan into the pillow, your peepee rubbing against the sheets. I take what’s left of your innocence from you, penetrating you deep as your pleas for even more escape from your mouth before you realize it.


So do I let you come or should I make you suffer?

Give me a call and I will let you find out for yourself. And don’t worry, I’ll tuck you in and give you a goodnight kiss afterwards.

Your Naughty Nanny Scarlet,


YIM: phonemommyscarlet


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