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Sissy Clothes Shopping With Lauren

"Sissy" "Sissy Dress Up" "Sissy boy" "Sissy Training"

Every self respecting sissy should have some beautiful Sissy Clothes to dress up in.  Weather it be a beautiful dress, or some frilly under things. I love, yes LOVE shopping. Especially for lingerie and girlie girl clothing. And SHOES, don’t forget the shoes! (On a side note: Thank you for the Christian Louboutin shoes Mr. G!  They are absolutely dreamy! MUAH!)  Think of how fun it is to go with someone on a shopping trip.  You have someone there to show off for!

Imagine coming out of that dressing room, blushing, a bit shy due to there being other shoppers around.  There I am, with a huge smile on my face, just beaming, telling you how lovely you look, and making a big fuss over all the ruffles, and bows.  Or going to an upscale lingerie shop and having a private showing with you!

There are a lot of you who phone me and we do just that, just spend minute after minute, looking at sites, talking about dresses, which ones I think would look best on you. Then picking one for you to buy. The best part of course is when you receive the item then get on your web-cam to show it off for me! Pure Joy!  I cannot wait until the next time we get to go ‘out on the cyber town’ together and do some more Sissy Clothes shopping together.


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