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November 18, 2012
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November 18, 2012
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Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Its so hard to decide if I like playing with daddies more or with other ABies like me! Yesterday I got to play show and tell with a cute little ABy who was curious about what I had in my diaper! It was play time and there weren’t any mommies or daddies around while me and Mikey were playing. We had just finished playing tag and we were sitting on the mat playing with toys when Mikey asked me if he could see inside my diaper. I told him if he showed me first I would show him too, but we had to hurry before our mommies and daddies came back!

Mikey opened up his diaper and pulled it down to show me, I leaned in close to peek. He had a thing just like Daddy’s! I giggled and poked at it but Mikey said it was time for me to show him under my diaper. Okay okay! I said. I sat back down and leaned back so I could get my diapy opened up and pulled down for Mikey to see. Mikey leaned in just like I had and he poked at me. I giggled and squirmed around because it tickled! He asked how come I was so ticklish and I told him it was cause I had tinkled a while ago and Daddy hadn’t changed me yet so it felt all sensitive!
We had to hurry up and get our diapers back on before the grownups came back, but we decided next time we played we would get to touch more!

kissies, Cali

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