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October 4, 2010
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October 5, 2010
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Poor Potty Pants


Oh poor, poor Potty Pants…Mommy Ava had to spank abie for making  in his diaper. After spanking abies bottom red, I made him sit on the potty chair

with nothing but a t shirt on. Abie was not allowed to get up until he used the potty. Poor, poor Potty Pants can’t make number two and is starting to shiver and cry…wah wah wah “Mommy please can I get up?” I think maybe abie needs another spanking for asking Mommy to get up before he made a deposit in the potty. Wah wah wah “please no mommy I don’t want another spanking.”

Mommy put abie over her lap and spanked him with her favorite red paddle…wack wack wack, I could feel little abie trembling in my lap while begging me to stop. Wack wack wack…….

Mommy Ava



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